Combined feed

Today, agribusiness is a basic sector of the Republic of Belarus. Competition in the Belarusian market feed is growing, the manufacturers are making increasingly high demands.

In the manufacture of the feed of "Kalinkovichihleboprodukt" uses only natural ingredients. Fodder concentrates are used in addition to the basic diet selhozyaystvennyh animals and birds, filling the lack of nutrients and enhancing metabolism.

The basis of animal feed products are grain, air-conditioned and pelleted at Datsko granulation line company Andritz Sprout A / S. Short-term treatment with steam retains valuable nutrients fodders. Various recipes can make a product that enhances milk production in dairy herds, weight gain in meat poultry and pigs.

Feed mill products are produced in granules and in bulk and then packed in bags of 20-30 kg bulk, or released. For the main buyers of this product provides a flexible recipe preparation otnooshenii, which may vary depending on customer requirements.

Feed for pigs

mark feed for whom is
SC-1 granular For unmarried and pregnant sows
SC-2 granular For boars and manufacturers
SC-3 granular For rearing pigs, 40-80 kg
SC-4 granular For rearing pigs, 81-120 kg
SK-10 Granular To sow gestation
SK-11 Granular For piglets aged 9-42 days
SK-16 Granular For pigs in 43-60 days
SK-21 Granular Piglets at the age of 61-104 days
SK-26 Granular For a period of fattening pigs
SK-31 Granular For fattening period 2
SK-55 Granular For pigs to fat condition

Feed for fish

K-110 granular Fingerlings for pond carp
K-111 granular For two-year and three years old pond carp

Feed for poultry

PC-1-14 pellets For the chicken egg cross 17-40 weeks
PC-1-15 pellets For the chicken egg cross 40- 6 - weeks
PC-2-1 granular For young chickens egg crosses 0- 5 weeks
PC-2-2 granular For young chickens egg crosses 5-10 weeks
PC-3 granular For young chickens egg crosses 10-17 weeks
PC-5-1 granuliroanny For broiler chickens 0-10 days
PC-5-2 granular For broiler chickens 11-24 days
PC-6 granulated For broiler chickens 25 days or more

Feed for cattle

KR-1 granular For cattle at the age of 10-75 days
CD-2 granular Для крупного рогатого скота в возрвсте 76-115 дней
Cr-3 granular For cattle in vozrvste 116-400 days
QC-60P granular For dairy cows at pasture during the
KK-60C granuliroanny For dairy cows in the stall period
QC-61P granular For high yielding cows at pasture during the
KK-60C granular For high yielding cows in the stall period


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