JSC "Kalinkovichihleboprodukt" offers services to develop a mobile feed mill feed MKZ 3214 to biaxial truck chassis MAZ-340 5336A.


Type of installation: MKZ 3214 (company Tropper, Austria)
 Engine: Mercedes OM-501,power 260 kW (354 l/s),
fuel separator, 1600 rev/min.
 Capacity of mixer:  5800 L (3 tons of ready mix)
 The accuracy of mixing:  1 : 100 000
 Performance:  10 - 15 tons of finished product per hour
   Install anti-corrosion treated with the composition
 Guarantee:  2000 Working hours, or 1 year
 chassis:  MAZ - 5336A3 - 340 with a sleeping bag
 Engine:  JAMZ 6562.10, the power of 181.8 kW (at 1900 r/min)



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