JSC "Kalinkovichihleboprodukt" is one of the largest Belarusian refineries and agricultural enterprises and is a powerful holding company for production, processing and marketing of various agricultural products.

The current stage of

JSC "Kalinkovichihleboprodukt" is one of the companies of Gomel oblast for the production of rye flour and high-quality, feed for animals held on farms, receiving and shipping grain, as well as the implementation of the product.

The enterprise obtained the certificate of conformity (STB ISO 9001-2009 Management Systems quality) № BY/112 05.01.00600953 rye flour, wheat flour and animal feed. In will soon be implemented HACCP system. All types of activities licensed and certified in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation.

Achievements of the enterprise - the result of hard work of all workers and professionals. It employs a large team of people truly interested in achieving high rates.

The company employs 1132 people. Of these, 564 - women, young people aged to 31 - 245. Higher education has 97 employees, medium-specific - 228 employees. In higher education on the job trained 30 people.

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